Fall Transitions- From Hot Weather to Hotter Style

By Kim Taylor

Farewell summer; autumn is waiting in the wings, and if history proves right, the need for change and reinvention is also on the horizon for many of us.

This is a perfect time of year to try something new and exciting with your look.

Warm, luscious hair color immediately comes to mind. Fall is a time to revel in warm, vibrant color. Some skin tones look great with fiery red hair, while others call for more subtle warmth. Even small adjustments can update your color for the new season. Something as simple as a few lowlights incorporated into a summer blonde can add the perfect amount of depth and warmth for the changing season. Warm tones are universally flattering when used appropriately. A great colorist will take the time to give you a complimentary color consultation. Never feel obligated to move forward if you are uncomfortable with their vision or lack confidence that they can pull it off.

A fresh spin on your hair style can be liberating. A few suggestions are to add or change up layers, cut slightly messy long bangs, and add lots of pieced out texture to create plenty of movement. Several variations of bobs and pixies are popular right now. Sometimes the simplicity of changing where you part your hair, or whether you wear it straight or wavy can provide the variety you seek. It is always a good idea to bring a picture of what you like- or several pictures and point out what it is about each one that appeals to you. This opens the lines of communication, providing a visual aid that your stylist can use to show you what will work best for your hair and why. If you are planning on a big change, please let the receptionist know when you book your appointment to be sure your stylist has plenty of time to make you happy.

Are you looking to make a BIG impression with a small commitment as you segue into fall?  Hair extensions can completely change your look! You can add fun pops of color without sacrificing the integrity of your own hair or add length and thickness to your existing hair without the painstakingly lengthy process of growing it out. Hair extensions come in many different types. We have found the most popular applications to be thermal bonded, tape in, and halo hair. A complimentary extension consultation will show you the difference between them and help you decide what is best for your lifestyle.

This is also a great time to accentuate your transformation by warming up your makeup palette. The purpose of makeup is to enhance natural beauty. Wearing the correct foundation for your skin type and tone is first and foremost. The right base should make your skin look flawless & fresh. Once you have the basics dialed in, have fun mixing up your color palette to compliment your current style. Again, small adjustments can make a big impression. Switching to a slightly darker lip color, adding a warm accent color to your eye shadow palette, even changing from black to brown mascara can be as much change as you need to look and feel amazing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We each have our own unique and beautiful features to consider when reinventing our style. I invite you to call Essence and schedule an appointment with our esthetician and makeup artist, Serissa as well as one of our seasoned hairstylists, Dang, Mackenzie, Kristen, or Emily to discuss the possibilities. Introductory bios for all of our staff can be found on our website: www.essencehairandbodyretreat.com. We look forward to caring for you soon!