Après Ski Massage

By Kim Taylor, Owner of Essence

Welcome Colorado winter! Ski and riding season are in full swing, and we have had some pretty impressive early season ski conditions. While there are a lot of different types of ski and snow boarders out there, one thing we all have in common are tight, sore muscles after a great day on the slopes. More than a few people (myself included) have mentioned that they are a bit stiff or sore from another awesome weekend on the slopes.  Perhaps the stiffness was from the long drive home on I-70? Regardless of the reason, recovering from sore muscles is a buzz kill; thankfully, steps can be taken to alleviate discomfort and feel your best fast.

First things first, stretch before you hit it hard. It sounds silly, stretching on the slopes, but if you warm your legs up with one easy cruiser and then take 3-5 minutes to stretch your legs you will release most of the built-up tension from sitting in the car which will help you to ski better all day and be less sore after last chair. Alas, there is still the dreaded drive home….

Once you are safely home, relax. Take a hot shower, sit in the hot tub, have a glass of wine- whatever takes the edge off for you. Now that you are in your happy place, let’s talk about massage. Post ski or boarding massage is a great way to loosen up the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles while you are out abusing your body in the name of fun.

 There are many different types of massage to choose from, and it is not always easy to know which type you need.  As a general rule, if you are getting a massage after snow sports or any other strenuous activity, you will benefit most from deep tissue, sports, or integrated massage.  A well-trained massage therapist will communicate with you before, during (if necessary), and after your massage to make sure that you are receiving the best type of massage for your needs.

At Essence, we offer several massage modalities, all of which fall into one of two categories: Signature and Specialty.

SIGNATURE massage focuses on relaxation of the body and mind. Sometimes you really do just want to be pampered, and while all of our modalities are designed to have calming effects, signature massage is less physically intense. Signature pricing: $45/ 30 min, $77/ 60 min, $105/ 90 min

Back, Neck and Shoulder massage is aptly named for its focus on the back, neck, and shoulders. While it can be very effective for pain relief, it falls into our signature category due to its abbreviated 30-minute treatment time.

Swedish massage consists of long slow strokes.  The pressure is light and while very relaxing and calming to the mind and body, this type of massage is generally not considered to be a very effective massage for physical pain relief. Swedish massage is offered as a 60- or 90- minute treatment.

SPECIALTY massage refers to all modalities that involve specific technique, pressure, and focus.

Specialty pricing: $88/ 60 min, $116+/ 90 min

Deep Tissue is the technique of penetrating the tissues as deeply as they will allow.  Although this requires a firm touch it should never go past that “hurts so good” feeling. This type of massage is quite effective for physical pain relief and is offered as a 60- or 90- minute treatment.

Sports massage involves active stretching of the muscles along with lengthening and flushing muscle groups.  Whether you are training for the Ironman or are a weekend warrior this type of massage can help to prevent injury and is a great addition to your training regimen. Sports massage is offered as a 60- or 90- minute treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage massage increases lymph flow which boosts immune function. This type of massage is very helpful to breast cancer survivors as well as those suffering from water retention issues such as swollen ankles or bloating.  Lymphatic drainage helps the body rid itself of extra fluids. This modality requires specific advanced training and is offered exclusively by Gigi Worley. Lymphatic massage is offered as a 60- minute treatment.

Craniosacral massage uses agentle touch to address the head, spinal column, and pelvic bones to improve functioning of the central nervous system. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain. This modality requires specific advanced training and is offered exclusively by Kevin Padgett. Craniosacral massage is offered as 90- minute treatment.

Integrated massage is the most requested, most needed, and most effective type of massage you can get. After assessing your muscles and talking with you about what you are trying to accomplish through massage, your therapist will combine any or all specialty techniques to customize a personal massage to meet your needs.  Integrated massage is offered as a 60- or 90- minute treatment.

There’s almost never a bad time to get a massage, however, the best time to book a massage after hitting the slopes is one to two days after you ski or board. Although this article is geared toward folks with post ski aches and pains, you don’t have to be a snow sport fanatic to reap the benefits of massage.

To sweeten the pot, we have designed packages meant to encourage regular self-care and save you money.

Signature four pack- $277

Choose any combination of four signature massages and/or facials.

Specialty Spa Four Pack- $317

Choose any combination of four specialty massages and/or facials.

Classic Massage Package-

Purchase a package of six massages and get the seventh free of charge.

The healing hands at Essence belong to Gigi Worley and Kevin Padgett. You cannot go wrong with these two. Both are experienced, professional, and fully committed to providing the best treatment experience possible.

Gigi Worley has practiced massage for over ten years, doing well over 8,000 massages. Prior to working at Essence, she has worked in many arenas of massage including holistic health, chiropractic and private practice. This experience allows her to craft a personal massage that fits your special needs. Whether it is pain relief, relaxation, sports massage, or immune boosting through lymphatic drainage she will create a pleasant and healthful experience for you.

Kevin Padgett began practicing massage therapy in 2012. He appreciates that no two people are the same and customizes every massage to meet the specific needs of each client. He is passionate about his work and driven by a deep desire to help others feel better. He offers a fresh approach to healing through massage by continually learning and integrating new modalities and techniques into his treatments.

Soon enough the temperature will rise, the snow will melt and we will be on to different activities. Go out and play hard, enjoy every minute; and when you are done, remember that we are here to help you relax and recover.