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Out with the Cold!

By Kim Taylor, owner & stylist at Essence

At long last, “spring” has arrived and I am READY! I am done with boots and heavy coats. I NEED skirts and sandals. I know we still have a few cold spells and gray days to muddle through, but I just can’t wait any longer- winter must end.

There are countless things that I love about this time of year, warm weather topping the list, of course. Today though, I am focusing attention on my top five frivolous, fabulous, favorite ‘out with the cold’ indulgences.

  1. The pop of lighter, brighter hair color.

I absolutely love the way transitioning to warmer weather entices us to lighten and brighten our hair. “Naturally sun kissed” highlights, a pop of color that peeks out from beneath a rich darker color, or a balayage of blonde tones with a shadowy root; lighter colors embody the carefree airiness of spring and summer. It just feels right after the long winter. Protect the integrity of your hair by having your stylist add Olaplex to your lightener or color; this is a game changer in the world of blondes.

May/ June gratis- receive a sampler of Olaplex #3 home treatment when you add Olaplex to your hair service. One per client, please.

  • The glow of a beautifully fresh face.

After a long and cold winter, our skin can be look dull and feel dry. This is a perfect time to exfoliate and resurface with dermaplane or microderm. Both of these treatments brighten skin, smooth fine lines, and leave your skin feeling silky soft. Paired with a 30- minute facial, this is a wonderfully relaxing and effective way to spend an hour of your precious time.

May/ June gratis- come in for a dermaplane or microderm facial and receive a complimentary Image travel/trial kit. One per client, please.

  • An exfoliated, hydrated body.

There is not much in this world that I enjoy more than a relaxing and hydrating massage.  This time of year, we feature one of my very favorites- our sweet lemon renewal massage. A blend of essential lemon and vanilla oil create a sensory experience to brighten any day. Your choice of a foot or scalp treatment is included in this massage. Add a sweet citrus body scrub and the icing is on the cake! There is something about silky smooth skin, a relaxed body, and a refreshed state of mind that feels blissful.

May/ June gratis- Indulge in a sweet lemon renewal massage or sweet citrus body scrub and receive a complimentary U.S. Apothecary bath bomb. One per client, please.

  • The warm, healthy look of a great spray tan.

I am a true believer that people look healthier and are happier with a little color added to their skin. Over the years, I have tried every type of self-tanner imaginable. After all my experience with sunless tanning, I am absolutely sold on Norvell’s technician applied spray tan. The DHA in the tanning solution reacts with your own body chemistry, leaving your skin a very natural and believable color that looks right on you.

Preparation is a huge part of sunless tanning. With the Norvell Ex-mitt, you can exfoliate and balance the Ph of your skin immediately before your tanning session.

Ex-mitts are available for $6.00- just ask your tanning technician to grab one for you pre-tan!

  • Soft heels and happy toes!

This time of year, the yearning for short sleeves, bare legs, and sandals becomes overwhelming. If you are like me, you pulled out your sandals and capris a month ago, happily freezing your toes off every morning in hopes of warm afternoons and mild evenings. If you are really like me, you have somehow justified sporting your winter toes and heels with those sandals! Well, it’s time- those feet need some TLC!

We offer an express pedicure for those who just need a little maintenance as well as a full-blown pedicure for those needing a bit more time and attention.

Add paraffin to your full pedicure for only $6 more- you’re worth it!

Living in Colorado has taught me that every season holds its own allure; I try to embrace each one knowing that it is fleeting. Soon enough I will be tuning my skis in preparation for another great winter on the slopes, but in this moment, I am grateful for the long warm days. I look forward to seeing you in the salon and on the trails!

Happy Summer Toes

By Kim Taylor

There is nothing like a little sunshine and warmth to wake a little town like Evergreen up! Trails are full of hikers and bikers, ball fields are busy, parks are loaded with little ones running and jumping, swinging and sliding. The days are long, and not one second of sunshine is wasted. I love Evergreen year round, but spring and summer always remind me how blessed I am to live here.

This time of year, the yearning for short sleeves, bare legs, and sandals becomes overwhelming. If you are like me, you probably jumped the gun and pulled out your sandals and capris a month ago, happily freezing your toes off every morning in hopes of warm afternoons and mild evenings. If you are really like me, you have somehow justified sporting your winter toes with those sandals! Well, it’s time to come to Jesus baby- those toes need some TLC!

In a perfect world I would get a pedicure at least once a month and God bless those of you who make me look bad by finding time to take care of your feet year round- I am truly in awe. Unfortunately my slightly less than perfect, totally crazy world keeps me running constantly, and when my toes are out of sight I tend to put them out of my mind also. The fact that I own a salon with a full service nail studio makes this especially shameful, I know.

Now that I have confessed my toe sins, I want you to know that I have repented and committed myself to regular pedicures from this day on! AND, just like any truly repentant sinner I will try my hardest to bring as many other lost sheep AKA fellow toe sinners into the fold with me.

Essence has a beautiful nail studio, offering a full menu of hand and foot services to accommodate just about any need. We pride ourselves on cleanliness, disinfecting everything that is re-usable and disposing of what is not after each client. Our pedicure tubs are not plumbed, and there is a great reason for this. Pedicure tubs with jets and running water can be very hard to clean properly, making them a perfect environment for potential bacteria that can cause infection. We use a single use liner in our foot baths for each pedicure service eliminating this concern. Our tubs heat and vibrate, so they are very relaxing and enjoyable. Our pedicure chairs are also very comfortable and have a massage feature built into them with a remote control that is controlled by the client.

I would be remiss if I did not also mention our manicuring services. Our shellac manicure is very popular. A hybrid of traditional nail polish and gel nails, it lends strength to the natural nails, allowing them to grow while staying shiny and chip free for two weeks at a time. This is a great alternative for those of us who don’t do well with artificial nails. For those who prefer acrylic nails, we offer those too!

We have a fantastic manicurist, both talented and very experienced that would love to add you to her client list! And as a special incentive, she is offering a summer pedicure package- buy four pedicures and receivean express mani/pedi FREE! This offer ends August 15,, 2015 so call now to reserve your little slice of heaven on earth!