February Spotlight Product!

Sanitas Antioxidant Moisturizer

15 % OFF

and a chance to win a complimentary

Brighten Up & Brow Service!

Brighten Up & Brow is a brow wax enhanced with a cleanse, moisturizing facial massage and sunscreen. Perfect for a busy schedule, this is a short but sweet pampering you absolutely must experience!

(Winner will be drawn at the end of the month)

Picked by

Serissa Asta

Esthetician and Lightworker

Why do I love it?

I love the way Antioxidant Moisturizer makes my skin feel deeply hydrated all day long. It also keeps my skin looking plump and kissed with a glow.

How to use it: ยท Use it in the morning alone and at night paired with Image ACE serum (or your favorite serum) as an extra boosted night cream.