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Skin Care

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More Waxing Info

Bikini Wax Descriptions

  • The Conservative
    • The name says it all. Basically, any hair that could play peek-a-boo outside the swimsuit line is removed. No more, no less.
  • The Risque
    • Not too much, not too little. Just right for those of you who are feeling a little flirty! A step above the Conservative but not quite a Full Brazilian.
  • The Brazilian
    • All hair is removed from front to back. Your choice of removing everything or leaving a “landing strip”.

Waxing FAQ

  • Q: How long does the hair need to be before I can get waxed?
    • A: Let the hair grow for at least seven days after shaving. For you shavers this may be even more painful than getting the wax itself. Ideally, the hair should be 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch long.
  • Q: How long until the hair grows back?
    • A: This is a tricky question because when it comes to the hair re-growth cycle, we are not all created equal. Some clients come in every six weeks and have hardly any hair at all (no fair!) while others have to come in every three weeks. The most popular length of time between waxes is four weeks.
  • Q: Will my hair grow back darker and/or thicker?
    • A: No. Waxing pulls the hair from the follicle weakening the root. If anything, it will grow back weaker, sparser, and easier to remove next time.
  • Q: Will my hair ever stop growing back?
    • A: No, but it will become sparser and finer in texture if you wax regularly.
  • Q: Will medication affect my waxing?
    • A: It certainly can! Retinol and Retin-A taken orally or used topically will postpone your ability to wax. You need to be off oral medications for a minimum of 2 weeks before your waxing session. Topical use should be discontinued one week prior to waxing. Blood thinners and some other medications and products thin out the skin making it more likely for you to peel or burn during your waxing session. If you are unsure about any of the medications you are taking ask your doctor or pharmacist before you come in.
  • Q: Can I tan before or after my wax?
    • A: Plan on waiting at least 24 hours after your wax to tan, and DO NOT come in right after a fresh spray tan as the wax will take it off.
  • Q: I have a special occasion coming up and have never been waxed. Are there any special instructions?
    • A: Whether you want a premarital wax or just a vacation ready bikini line, we recommend you plan to have at least two waxes prior to the event. This will ensure you do not have any reactions to the wax before the big day. It also gets the first wax – which is the most uncomfortable – out of the way. The second wax will provide a much smoother, cleaner result with less post-wax tenderness. If you don’t have time to squeeze in two waxing sessions then make your appointment for at least three to four days before your special occasion.
  • Q: Am I too old to get a Brazilian wax?
    • A: Absolutely not! You are never to old, so wax on!
  • Q: What is “Double Dipping?”
    • A: Double dipping is when the technician dips the wax applicator stick back into the wax vat after using it on you or someone else – possibly allowing the spread of bacteria. Each wax applicator stick should be dipped into the wax only once, and then disposed of so that the wax being applied is always sterile. Make sure when you are getting your wax, there is no double dipping and steer clear of those hairy scary spas!

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Essence Spa Services

Taking a time-out every now and then to give your body the attention it deserves is beneficial to your mental, emotional, and physical health. When it’s time to give yourself a break, escape to Essence hair, skin, and body in Evergreen. In addition to our many options for massage treatments, we provide facials, body treatments, and waxing services that are sure to have a lasting positive effect on your confidence. All of our spa services are performed by highly trained, experienced specialists in a calm and relaxing environment.


At Essence Full Body Retreat, we offer a variety of treatments designed to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Visit our Evergreen spa, and experience the soothing nourishment of our facials, custom formulated with skincare products from Image and Sanitas to improve the quality, texture, and tone of your skin. Our Estheticians will analyze your skin to help you decide which treatments are right for your specific skin type. Skin care offerings include:

  • Essential – our results oriented, express facial, 30 minutes
  • Signature – nurture and maintain youthful, beautiful skin.  Every treatment is carefully customized to fit the individual needs of each client, 60 or 90 minutes
  • Specialty – address and correct skincare issues that require a unique approach.  Every treatment is carefully customized to fit the individual needs of each client, 60 or 90 minutes


The removal of unwanted hair can do wonders for your self-esteem. At Essence hair, skin, and body in Evergreen, we offer virtually every type of waxing you can imagine. From eyebrows to full faces, from arms and legs to bikinis; if you don’t want it, we’ll get rid of it for you. Our skilled specialists are trained to professionally remove hair from even the most sensitive areas of the body.

Children under the age of 13 are not permitted in the salon or spa without an appointment. Please arrange for childcare during your appointment so that every guest, including you, can fully relax and enjoy their time at Essence. Thank you.