June Spotlight Product

Surface Pure Blonde Violet Shampoo

15% OFF all month
and a chance to win a
Surface Violet Blow Dry Styling Cream!

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Chosen by Kristen Sherman

Q: Why do you love Davines Sea Salt Spray?

A: Violet toning shampoos are an absolute no-brainer product for ANYONE who gets their hair lightened. The high mineral content in our Colorado water can cause blondes to get very “washed out” and “brassy” looking between their regular appointments. Surface’s violet toning shampoo is more concentrated than many other similar products and really does a great job of keeping blonde hair vibrant and shiny between color services.

Q: How do you use it?

A: I personally like to stop brass before it even happens, so I use this shampoo nearly every time I wash my hair. If my hair starts to look a little too cool or ashy, I’ll back off for a wash or two. Many of my clients like to use it every other wash. How often you use this toning shampoo is dependent on the tone you are trying to maintain; you may have to play with the frequency a bit until you find your sweet spot.