3-5-10 Minute Makeup Routine

By Kandyce Braband, Esthetician

When it comes to makeup, the best approach is a no fuss routine for every day, coupled with a “bag of tricks (and techniques)” for special occasions. In general, women like to look fresh and natural; not overdone. This is the general consensus among our everyday beauties as well as our brides. Of course there are times when we are compelled to further enhance our natural appearance. Most days though, simplicity speaks. Here are a few tips to get you out the door with the simplest of efforts.


Choosing the right foundation is paramount; it will make or break your entire makeup application. Knowing your skin type is an important first challenge. Picking the wrong foundation for your skin type may cause your face to feel too dry or oily, resulting in blemishes or a “caked on” texture that looks anything but fresh and flawless.

Most foundations list what type of coverage they are designed to provide. Liquids are the most commonly found and used. They are formulated to work well on combination, balanced, and dry skin. Also popular are powder formulas which are best suited for those with balanced, combination, or oily skin. Cream is another option for dry skin, offering a smooth and velvety full coverage.

The next challenge is color matching a foundation to your skin. The easiest way to do this is to enlist the help of a makeup artist. Identifying one’s skin level and tone, and translating that information into a great foundation match takes training and practice. In most cases, even diligent sunscreen wearers need to be re-matched seasonally. Switching foundation brands or formulas also merits re-matching. The goal: foundation that blends seamlessly into your skin with minimal effort. At Essence, color matching is ALWAYS complimentary.


This is your bare-bones, “I needed to leave 5 minutes ago” routine. Quick, simple, fresh.

BASE – First, use a primer; if you have any skin texture issues or large pores this is very important. Apply with a brush or clean fingers. Next, apply foundation or tinted SPF all over with a foundation brush, blending well at the hair and jawline. Note: Tinted SPF, BB, and CC creams offer very similar coverage.

LASHES – Mascara is the easiest way to “wake up” your eyes. Use a lash curler and give lashes 2-3 pumps per eye, followed by mascara. It’s worth noting that lengthening mascara will always be less clumpy than volumizing mascara. If you don’t care for mascara, consider lash tinting or lash extensions (Essence offers both) and you’ll go from 3 to 2 minute makeup! Tip: Replace mascara every 3 months and always twirl the wand in the tube (pumping dries it out faster).

Finish this easy look with a light, translucent powder and you’re ready to go!


For days when you are not in a time crunch yet opt for simple and fresh.

BASE- see above.

CONCEALER -Using concealer under the eyes and over any blemishes will pull your look together even more by creating a more finished appearance. Using concealer after you’ve applied foundation will help you not to use too much. A good camouflage brush will also help your application.

BRONZER/BLUSH -Choose one or the other or both! Bronzer is great for contouring with a powder or fan brush – use sparingly on the temples, hollows of the cheeks, and jawline to create a more slender face. Blush should be applied from the ear toward the nose to accent the cheeks.

LASHES- see above.

Finish with a light, translucent powder and once again you’re ready to go!


For days when you have a little bit of time to spare and want to get a little “dolled up”.


EYESHADOW – Apply a basic neutral color over the entire lid, adding a lighter color onto the brow bone to brighten the eyes. There are many different things you can do with eyeshadow to enhance your eyes and overall look. Tip: Try an eyeshadow crayon! They are fast and easy- just make sure you find one that’s long-wearing.

EYELINER – The easiest type of eyeliner to apply is a creamy style liner. These can easily be smudged along the lash line, creating a natural look. If your favorite eyeliner doesn’t have a smudge brush on it, buy one! Tip: An imperfect eyeliner application can be salvaged with a smudge brush.

MASCARA- see above.

LIPSTICK/GLOSS – Complete your look with a swipe of your favorite lipstick. Right now matte, colorful, and long-wearing lipsticks are in – think bold reds, plums, and bright pinks! If bright is not your style, neutrals and glosses are a great classic choice. Most importantly, choose something that you feel confident in- you are beautiful!

Always finish with a light translucent powder and you’re ready to go!