Jessica Ricles

Jessica Ricles

bio_RiclesJessica Ricles – Esthetician

As a young girl, Jessica felt an inherent need to care for others. As she has grown, her desire to nurture has manifested into her love of skincare.

Through aesthetics, she can embrace her inner healer. Jessica strives to create a sense of peace and well-being through the many skincare treatments she provides. She works with intention; treating all aspects of beauty – Mind, body and spirit.

Jessica recognizes the symbiotic relationship between external rejuvenation and internal transformation. She designs each session as a healing space not only for the skin’s transformation, but also for the mind, spirit and body to rest and renew.

Continuing and advanced education is a big part of Jessica’s practice. She is certified in dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and chemical exfoliation. She is also trained in several massage modalities to aid in detoxifying, anti-aging, relaxation, and healing.

Jessica strives to help each client walk through life with balance and breadth in the sacredness of self-care and love.